Worship, Prayer, Study & Pastoral Care

Worship and Prayer

The Study of God’s Word, the Holy Bible, Prayer and worship are at the heart of our church life, and our identity as Disciples of Christ. Both churches centre their worship around the Eucharist, also called Mass, Holy Communion, or the Lord’s Supper depending on your church tradition. As a parish with strong Anglo Catholic roots, the remembering of Jesus in the Bread and Wine is a deeply spiritual moment for many. At St Katharine’s we worship using traditional patterns including the use of incense and bells and a robed choir. At St Nicholas the worship follows a similar pattern, but incense and bells are not used, and there is no choir. A large number of young people and children attend St Nicholas, and at least once a month there is a Family Service about 45 minutes long, which engages both young and old alike.

Being centred on prayer, the church day begins at 7am, with a short service of prayer called Lauds. This is a short service lasting about 10 minutes and includes readings from the psalms in the bible and prayer for the day. It is a quiet service and one designed to begin the day with a moment of reflection, commending the day to God.

Morning Prayer is said at St Katharine’s at 8am and lasts for around 20 minutes. Prayers for the day, the church and those in need are said, and readings from the bible help us to grow each day in our faith and understanding.

Mass on Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am, and also at 7.30pm on Wednesday. There is a said service of Holy Communion once a month at  St Nicholas at 10am. This service is without hymns, and lasts for about 30 minutes. It is an ideal alternative to the Sunday service if your schedule means it is difficult to attend on a Sunday.

Evening Prayer at 5.30pm follows the same format as Morning Prayer and rounds off the day, lasting about 20 minutes.

Full details of service times can be found in the Information section.

Study and Fellowship

Bible Studies are regular part of life in the parish, usually taking place as short courses running for 4 – 6 weeks; The Life of Moses, Ruth, Jeremiah, James, Philippians have been studied in recent years. Traditionally the parish has participated in ecumenical Lent Courses, jointly organised by Churches Together in Southbourne, with at least one course being hosted at St Katharine’s or St Nicholas’.

Recognising the need to care for those around us, and Love our Neighbour as Ourselves, the Parish Visitors’ Team are a trained group who support the clergy in the pastoral care for the sick, elderly and homebound. They also assist with hospital visiting.

Communions in Residential Homes

A much valued programme of Communion services at residential homes has been established, usually monthly, in addition to occasional visiting as required. There is a strong, valued link and mutual appreciation between residents, staff and the parish team who officiate.