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St Katharine’s C.E. (V.A.) Primary School

St Katharine’s CE VA Primary School is a vibrant, values and learning centred school. Our core values of ‘Grace, Integrity and Aspiration’ are given their Christian distinctiveness by being grounded in the Christian story – in the life and teachings of Jesus. They are at the centre of our school Christian ethos; curriculum and wider provision; policies and planning; day‐to‐day interactions and decisions.

We have a shared language for learning that we call ‘Powerful Learning’. Our powerful learning attributes are: resilience, reflective thinking, creativity, decision‐making, effective communication, independence, collaboration and problem solving.

The curriculum at St Katharine’s is rich and inspiring; we have very high standards in all our provision, including excellent arts and sports provision.

The wellbeing of staff and children is also a priority for us and this year we have introduced ‘Fit and Fruity Friday’ and ‘Beach School’ to our wider curriculum.

St Katharine’s School has a close relationship with St Katharine’s and St Nicholas’ churches and the vicar, ensuring that the Christian ethos of the school flourishes and continues to grow.

We enjoy walking to church together for special services: the start of the year service; Early Years Welcome service; St Katharine’s Day; Christmas; Easter and the Year 6 Leavers service.