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Current notices

Public Worship has now resumed

Places of Worship may now re-open and so we will resume the pattern of services that were in place prior to the recent Lockdown i.e.

Wednesday Evening Holy Communion at St Katharine (7.30pm)

Sunday Holy Communion at St Nicholas (9am) -the Third Sunday of the Month is Morning Worship followed by Communion.

Sunday Holy Communion at St Katharine (1030am)

Christmas Services

At the moment we hope to be able to worship over Christmas, and this year the Christmas Services are provisionally:

Nine Lessons and Carols  - Sunday 20th December 2020 at 4.30pm at St Katharine  (This will be with just the Choir Singing)

Midnight Mass - Christmas Eve 24th December 2020 at 11.30pm at St Katharine

Christmas Day Holy Communion - 9am at St Nicholas, 10.30am at St Katharine

These of course are all subject to change if the Government tighten restrictions again, and may need to be ticket entrance.

Unfortunately this year we are unable to hold the Christingle Service or the Nativity Service. We are exploring making a video  about the Nativity and Christmas Story for Children to watch on Christmas Eve, including carols they can sing along to at home.

Advent and Christmas Parish Magazine

The magazine will be available from the office, and also from both churches on a table near the main entrance. The suggested donation is 50p, but we will be giving them away for free to any who would like a copy. Why not take one and deliver it to someone you think might like a copy?  You can also view it online and/or download a copy by clicking the below link:

Parish Magazine Dec 2020

IT Team

We urgently need people to step forward to form an IT team and be prepared to be trained in making and recording videos, and manage Livestreaming. Full training will be given and no previous knowledge required, but the situation is now becoming urgent. Training needs to take place no later than mid-December, so Fr Kevin has time to do it before he moves on. We will not be able to maintain our current online presence in the New Year if we do not get enough volunteers. Please contact Fr Kevin if you can help as soon as possible. Update: We have managed to find a new Webmaster, but still need volunteers for the recording and livestreaming of services, particulalry at St Katharine.

Readings for this Sunday (6th December - Second Sunday of Advent and St Nicholas Day)

Isaiah 40:1-11, 2 Peter 3:8-15a, Mark 1:1-8 (click on the readings to read them)

Sunday Livestream 

While we continue to wait for the Livestreaming facility at St Nicholas to be up and running, the Livestreamed services will continue from St Katharine at 1030am every Sunday. We will return to alternate weeks at each church once the Livestream at St Nicholas is back in operation and has been fully tested. The Livestream link for this Sunday's 1030am service (6th December) is:


New Zoom Home Group!

We have started a new Home Group via Zoom on Thursday afternoons.
The first session started Thursday (5th November )and sessions run each Thursday in term time from 2.30pm - 3.30pm; we are looking at "Listening to God" which covers scripture from both the Old and New Testament. This particular course will run for 10 weeks (we will break for a few weeks over Christmas) and it doesn't matter if you can't make every week.
For full details and help with accessing zoom, please contact Natalie Greenfield ( Email natalie_greenfield@yahoo.co.uk or the church office )
For the time being, we will cease to run the Thursday evening Prayer group. We will ensure some time is given to prayer in the Thursday daytime Home Group. However, the well-attended Wednesday evening group which starts at 7pm will continue - all welcome.

New Mid-week Zoom Bible Study

Please check out the updated Zoom prayer and Bible study tab on the left for more information on our new mid-week bible studyon Wednesday's at 7.30pm.

Livestreamed Services Booklet.

You can also download a PDF copy of the service booklet to use during the service by clicking here

(Unfortunately we do not have an electronic copy of the St Nicholas service booklet, but the service shares many of the responses used at St Katharine)

Please subscribe to the channel by clicking 'subscribe' on our YouTube page- it is free, and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you click the notification bell, then you will be alerted by email and/or a smartphone notification whenever we upload or livestream and the notification will take you straight to the service.

We would also like to create a Church family Christmas Card Video, where members submit a brief 10 to 30 second clip wishing folk a Merry Christmas. We do need to start preparing now, so if you would like to submit a clip please do let Fr Kevin know and submit it to him by the 7th December.

Christian Book Reviews

Why not check out some Christian Book reviews by members of our church family?  Perhaps there is a book there for you that could help you in your own Christian life?  Click the link on the menu on the left of this page!

Face Coverings in Places of Worship

These are now required by law, and so unless you are involved in leading the worship at the service, or have a legitimate exepmtion from wearing a Face Covering, you will be required to wear a Face Covering in Church. If you cannot wear a Face Covering, you will need to follow the guidance of keeping 2 Metres from the nearest person, otherwise people will be seated under the "1 Metre plus" guidance. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY DURING TIMES OF NATIONAL LOCKDOWN WHERE A 2 METRE DISTANCE MUST BE KEPT AT ALL TIMES EVEN WHEN WEARING FACE MASKS).

As we wish to continue to be a welcoming environment, and in common with other major retailers, institiutions etc, our staff will not be challenging people who do not wear a Face Covering. We understand people may have legitimate reasons that exempt them from the requiement to wear one, and we will be respecting people's privacy in this regard. We would ask others attending not to challenge people not wearing Face Coverings, but to similarly be respectful of the fact they may have a reason for being exempt which may not be outwardly obvious.

Service times are normally:

  • St Nicholas 9am till 10am, and St Katharine 1030am till 1130am.
  • Weekly on Wednesdays at 7.30pm at St Katharine - Said Mass
  • Confessions - these can now be resumend and arranged by appointment. Please contact Fr Kevin directly if you wish to make your confession.

As before, if you are over 70 or in one of the “at risk’ categories, then I am obliged by the Government to ask that you familiarise yourself with the risks pertaining to COVID19, and that you think carefully about returning to worship or Private Prayer at this time.

A list of those classed as clinically vulnerable can be found here:

COVID19 - Clinically Vulnerable People

To ensure social distancing is maintained (2m for inside Places of Worship), we have had to limit capacity in each building as follows under the "1 Metre plus rule for times we are open for Public Worship":

  • Total Capacity for St Nicholas Church (excl. Priest and one Warden): 40
  • Total Capacity for St Katharine’s Church (excl. Priest and one Warden): 55

For all services of worship:

  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival, and you will be directed to a seat. There is now a legal requirement to wear a Face Covering unless you are exempt.
  • Worship will look different – there will be no hymn singing, and no physicaly exchanging 'The Peace'.  Communion will be in one kind (consecrated bread) only, and full instructions on receiving it will be given before the service begins.
  • We will keep you updated if the situation changes, and we will remove the booking system as soon as practicably possible.
  • If you have any symptoms of COVID19 such as a high temperature, a persistant dry cough, and/or loss or change to sense of smell or taste, or you believe you may have COVID19, then clearly you should not attend the church buildings until you have recovered, having following government advice on self isolating and been tested for COVID19.

We are now able to accomodate funerals in the Church buildings, with limited numbers. Contact Fr Kevin if you wish to discuss arranging a funeral here. 

Our online donations page is now active. If you normally give via the collection bags or plate, please consider making use of this facility as it really helps our church and community work

If you have young children, then there are a variety of children's bible teaching resources and activities that can be found by clicking here

In the meantime, if you do hear of someone who is self isolating, please do let us know. We may be able to contact them and possibly provide some practical help.

We also have prayer services and Bible Studies online via Zoom, including daily Morning Prayer and Informal Prayer on Wednesday evenings.

Zoom Coffee Mornings are also now being put on to encorage social interaction - check out the coffee morning tab on the left for information as to when they are on - next on Saturday 19th December, 10:30am for 1 hour..

We will keep you updated, and please do stay in touch!

Fr Kevin

page last updated  at 1620 on Thursday the 3rd December 2020