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News and Requests -

Bulletin 2nd May                             click  HERE 

Bulletin 9th May                             click  HERE or read below


The Sick or in need of Prayer:

Roy McMenamin

Howard Prestwood


NB: Please submit requests for the prayer list to Liz Christopher or the office & confirm you have the permission of the individual.     Thank you.


Thanksgiving for the Departed:

We pray for the families of all The Recently Departed, and for the families of Janet Marsh and James McIntyre (Snr) whose anniversaries of death occur during this coming week.    

May they Rest in Peace



St Katharine’s Primary School – have produced some creative and inspiring booklets and postcards as part of their art projects marking the challenges of the last year and sharing hopes for the future.  We are selling both booklets and postcards at our churches in support of the school arts fund and Christian Aid.  We highly recommend taking a look at the school’s website which covers their vision, values, spirituality and global citizenship projects.  https://www.stkatharinesceprimary.co.uk/


Next Sunday our APCM will take place at St Katharine’s after the morning service. 


Please would you all pray for your PCC who are, at the present time, discussing the future of the parish with representatives of the diocese.  As soon as any concrete proposals are on the table we will inform you so that you will have an opportunity to comment, advise and suggest. 


During May we need people to assist with dusting, polishing, vacuuming, gardening, litter-picking etc

Friday 14 May – meet at St Nicholas, at 10.30am

Friday 21 May – meet at St Katharine’s at 10.30am

All are welcome, just turn up, and it will only be for an hour or two.


Thy Kingdom Come – this is a global prayer movement that invites Christians from around the world to deepen their own relationship with Jesus and pray for 5 people to come to know Him.  It covers the 11 days between Ascension (13 May) and Pentecost.  We have some free prayer journals and family prayer maps to give out to those who would like to take part.

Or why not download the Thy Kingdom Come App or use the Lectio365 App to take part?

Our weekly prayer gathering on Zoom on Wednesday 19th May will focus on Thy Kingdom Come.

Both churches will have a dedicated prayer station that has been created by the children at St Katharine’s school.

Please contact the office, Natalie Greenfield or Julian Davies for further details or help joining in.

Please take a look at the website https://www.thykingdomcome.global/




£60 for the 60th anniversary of St. Nicholas’ Church

St. Nicholas’ Church is celebrating its 60th anniversary in April 2021. This unique building has been part of the local community since 1961. During that time the roof has withstood all the wind, salt spray and rain that comes from being in such an exposed position, but now needs replacing so congregations, local residents and visitors to this beautiful part of the Dorset coast can continue to worship and enjoy this building for many decades to come.


As part of the parish celebrations planned to mark the 60th anniversary, we have launched a 60 for 60 campaign to help fund the necessary work on the roof. If you are able to donate £60 (or whatever you can afford) we would be really grateful.


Our Just Giving page can be found at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/stnicholas6060roofrepair?utm_ter...

Because of the Covid-19 restrictions our regular church income has fallen significantly so the parish really needs your help to protect this unique local landmark. Anything you can give would be much appreciated.


Sunday Livestream



The Livestreamed services will continue this Sunday. 

See here for recent services.

The Parish of St Katharine with St Katharine´s, YouTube channel

The Livestream link for this Sunday's services  (9th May) are:

St.Nicholas  9.00am



St.Katharine's 10.30am




Readings for Sunday 9th May - Sixth Sunday of Easter


Click HERE for service sheet                                   




Livestreamed Services Booklet

You can also download a PDF copy of the service booklet for Easter by clicking here.



(Unfortunately we do not have an electronic copy of the St Nicholas service booklet, but the service shares many of the responses used at St Katharine)

Please subscribe to the channel by clicking 'subscribe' on our YouTube page- it is free, and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you click the notification bell, then you will be alerted by email and/or a smartphone notification whenever we upload or livestream and the notification will take you straight to the service.



The Parish Office is open

The Parish is now in 'Interregnum' as Fr Kevin and Jen have left to being their Mission Training with CMS - we wish them both well and every success.

Fr Kevin and Jen Cable , our Parish Mission Partners

For those who have asked about supporting Fr Kevin and Jen individually in the Mission to Jaffa, now that they have left the parish to begin their 3 months Mission Training, there are CMS prayer book marks at the back of each church, so please take one as they contain impotant focuses for your prayer support. These also contain the information people need if they feel called to support them financially. This section can be removed, leaving just the prayer book mark.


Our online donations page is now active. If you normally give via the collection bags or plate, please consider making use of this facility as it really helps our church and community work

If you have young children, then there are a variety of children's bible teaching resources and activities that can be found by clicking here

In the meantime, if you do hear of someone who is self isolating, please do let us know. We may be able to contact them and possibly provide some practical help.

We also have prayer services and Bible Studies online via Zoom, including daily Morning Prayer and Informal Prayer on Wednesday evenings.

Zoom Coffee Mornings are also now being put on to encorage social interaction - check out the coffee morning tab on the left for information as to when they are on next.

We will keep you updated, and please do stay in touch!

Dean and Kevin - Churchwardens


Face Coverings in Places of Worship

These are now required by law, and so unless you are involved in leading the worship at the service, or have a legitimate exepmtion from wearing a Face Covering, you will be required to wear a Face Covering in Church. If you cannot wear a Face Covering, you will need to follow the guidance of keeping 2 Metres from the nearest person, otherwise people will be seated under the "1 Metre plus" guidance. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY DURING TIMES OF NATIONAL LOCKDOWN WHERE A 2 METRE DISTANCE MUST BE KEPT AT ALL TIMES EVEN WHEN WEARING FACE MASKS).

As we wish to continue to be a welcoming environment, and in common with other major retailers, institiutions etc, our staff will not be challenging people who do not wear a Face Covering. We understand people may have legitimate reasons that exempt them from the requiement to wear one, and we will be respecting people's privacy in this regard. We would ask others attending not to challenge people not wearing Face Coverings, but to similarly be respectful of the fact they may have a reason for being exempt which may not be outwardly obvious.

Service times are normally:

  • St Nicholas 9am till 10am, and St Katharine 1030am till 1130am.
  • Weekly on Wednesdays at 7.30pm at St Katharine - Said Mass
  • Confessions - these can now be resumend and arranged by appointment.

As before, if you are over 70 or in one of the “at risk’ categories, then I am obliged by the Government to ask that you familiarise yourself with the risks pertaining to COVID19, and that you think carefully about returning to worship or Private Prayer at this time.

A list of those classed as clinically vulnerable can be found here:

COVID19 - Clinically Vulnerable People

To ensure social distancing is maintained (2m for inside Places of Worship), we have had to limit capacity in each building as follows under the "1 Metre plus rule for times we are open for Public Worship":

  • Total Capacity for St Nicholas Church (excl. Priest and one Warden): 40
  • Total Capacity for St Katharine’s Church (excl. Priest and one Warden): 55

For all services of worship:

  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival, and you will be directed to a seat. There is now a legal requirement to wear a Face Covering unless you are exempt.
  • Worship will look different – there will be no hymn singing, and no physicaly exchanging 'The Peace'.  Communion will be in one kind (consecrated bread) only, and full instructions on receiving it will be given before the service begins.
  • We will keep you updated if the situation changes, and we will remove the booking system as soon as practicably possible.
  • If you have any symptoms of COVID19 such as a high temperature, a persistant dry cough, and/or loss or change to sense of smell or taste, or you believe you may have COVID19, then clearly you should not attend the church buildings until you have recovered, having following government advice on self isolating and been tested for COVID19.

We are now able to accomodate funerals in the Church buildings, with limited numbers. Contact the Parish Office to arrange these.