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Prayer services and Bible Studys on Zoom

If you would like to join in our Morning Prayer services or Bible study online via Zoom, then please email the church office.  We can arrange to send you a link to the Zoom meeting as we cannot post the link to the meetings publically unfortunately.

Morning Prayer is said at 8am  on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week.

To join in Wednesday evening informal prayer at 7pm on Zoom, please email Natalie at: natalie_greenfield@yahoo.co.uk

Zoom Homegroups

A big thank you to all who been able to share in prayer, study and fellowship through the Zoom Home Groups during the last few months, we hope it has been worthwhile and we would welcome your feedback.

We will resume in the new year, on Wednesday the 6th January at 7pm and Thursday the 7th at 2.30pm.

On Wednesday the 6th January we will be starting a new study series on the Lord’s Prayer in 8 parts beginning after the prayers at 7.25pm. We think this series will suit those who have been involved in home groups before and people who are new to them as well, no prior knowledge is expected, so at the beginning of the New Year this would be an excellent chance to try a homegroup if you haven’t been involved in one before!  

The Thursday afternoon group will resume with the 6th session of the encouraging  10part series on ‘Listening to God’, new members welcome at any time!


Please contact Julian or Natalie for further details and links.