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Prayer services and Bible Studys on Zoom - updated 23rd October

If you would like to join in our Morning Prayer services or Bible study online via Zoom, then please email Fr Kevin. We can arrange to send you a link to the Zoom meeting as we cannot post the link to the meetings publically unfortunately.

Morning Prayer is said at 8am every day apart from  Monday's.

To join in Wednesday evening informal prayer at 7pm on Zoom, please email Natalie at: natalie_greenfield@yahoo.co.uk

We are starting a new Home Group via Zoom on Thursday afternoons.
Commencing Thursday 5th November and running from 2.30pm - 3.30pm; we will be looking at "Listening to God" which covers scripture from both the Old and New Testament. This particular course will run for 10 weeks (we will break for a few weeks over Christmas) and it doesn't matter if you can't make every week.
For full details and help with accessing zoom, please contact Natalie Greenfield ( Email natalie_greenfield@yahoo.co.uk or the church office )
For the time being, we will cease to run the Thursday evening Prayer group. We will ensure some time is given to prayer in the Thursday daytime Home Group. However, the well-attended Wednesday evening group which starts at 7pm will continue.
We are also trialling a study time on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm - 8pm after the 7pm Wednesday prayer session on zoom.
These started on Wednesday 14th October, and there is no change to the arrangements with prayer or leaders other than they will now end at 7.25pm. This gives us a 5 minute "interval" to allow anyone who wants to join just the study element to be admitted, without disturbing the prayers. Therefore ensuring we only need one meeting. We are going to trial this for just half an hour to start with, so that we end promptly at 8pm.
We are going to commence our studies with "The Kingdom of God" as our theme and Julian Davies will lead us in this part of the evening.
He has asked that we come prepared with our Bibles.
Once we have trialled this for a few weeks, we may well introduce something on the Thursday evening.