Confessions & Reconciliation

Sometimes called ‘the sacrament of reconciliation’, Confession is an opportunity to talk about things in your life that you would like to say sorry to God for, and to seek guidance as to how to move forward spiritually. Although more commonly associated with the Roman Catholic Church, Confession is available in the Church of England, particularly in churches of the Anglo Catholic tradition.


Some churches have a special room or booths for confession, but here at St Katharine’s with St Nicholas, Confession takes place in the church, normally near to the High Altar. It is an opportunity to talk with the Priest, receive his spiritual counsel, and to hear the words of forgiveness of sins, called Absolution, pronounced in the name of the Christ’s Church.


No one is required to come to Confession with a priest, but for some it is very helpful, and an important part of their spiritual life.


Confessions can be arranged by appointment. Please contact the Parish Office if you wish to do so.